unsolicited advice

Unsolicited Advice


unsolicited adviceIt is amazing how many people, especially those without children, spill out of the woodwork when you are pregnant and/or have children. You will undoubtedly hear a mirage of advice that is either antiquated or just plain insane. Here are a few…

  • You’re not giving him cereal yet?
  • I’m sure it won’t hurt to give him just a little (fill in the blank).
  • You have to put them on their front/back/side to sleep.
  • Just tell him to behave!
  • Honey, she needs a coat in this weather.
  • She’ll never get into a good college unless you nurse for [insert random amount of time here].
  • Did you nurse? Eww, how could you nurse? Did you nurse long enough? Eww, how could you nurse for that long?
  • Oh, you’re not going to let him speak like that to you, are you?
  • What he needs is a good spanking.
  • Enjoy every minute of it; it goes by so fast.
  • If you really loved your kids you wouldn’t let them eat at McDonald’s.
  • Even with kids keeping a house clean isn’t that hard. The secret is to deep clean it once, and just maintain it.
  • Your baby would sleep through the night if you let her cry it out.
  • Keeping your children from throwing fits in public begins in the home.


If you tell the helpful person “We will check with his doctor.” you should be in the clear, because no one questions the doctor. Another option, just say “Great! Thanks!”

Here are four other options:

  • Thanks! We’ll consider that.
  • Thanks! We appreciate your care and concern about our baby/child.
  • Thanks! We know that advice was hard earned through the years.
  • Thanks! Um, that certainly is some advice! (This requires a bright smile so they don’t catch your sarcasm.)

Check out these great articles from Parents and WebMD that will help you deal with unsolicited advice.


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