Finding a good nanny (or manny) is well worth the search. Use these tips on what to look for in a nanny so you can make the most of the interview process.

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Beyond satisfactory answers to your interview questions, make sure the applicant:

Looks put-together. No, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but how well a prospective nanny cares for herself is one way to predict how well she’ll care for your baby. Is she neatly dressed and groomed? (A strong fashion sense isn’t important, but dirty fingernails and unwashed hair are bad signs.)

Interacts well with your child. Part of the interview should include some face time with your baby. Does the applicant seem patient, caring, and attentive? Is she comfortable holding and playing with your little one? It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker if your baby is crying or seems disinterested (she may have some stranger anxiety) — what’s more telling is how the candidate handles the situation.

Asks appropriate questions. An applicant’s questions are another way to gauge whether or not she’ll be a good nanny for your family. For example, “Does your baby cry a lot?” may mean she’s not up on normal infant behavior (most babies cry a lot). If she asks more questions about when and what she’ll eat for lunch than she does about childcare issues, that’s a red flag too. No questions (or comments) at all can also be telling — she may be more interested in any job rather than your specific position, or she may be noncommunicative, neither of which bodes well for your baby.


If there’s any time to rely on your gut reaction, it’s when you’re making important decisions in childcare like this one. So if something feels off, it probably is. At the very least, jot down your first impressions post-interview. Ask yourself:

Does she seem intelligent? Being able to interact well with you, follow instructions, and think on her feet are key characteristics that should be on the top of your list of what to look for in a nanny. She should also be able to read books to your baby and engage her in stimulating ways.

Did the two of you have good chemistry? You don’t want to become best buds, but you do want to feel you can talk to her about touchy subjects. For this relationship to work, you’ll need to be in constant contact, so a good nanny should be as comfortable with you as she is with your baby. Was she easy to talk to? Did she have a sense of humor? Did she seem likely to tell you all about your little one’s antics or do you suspect getting info about your baby’s day will be like pulling teeth?

Does she seem reliable? Being late for the interview (even with an excuse) may be a sign that she has trouble sticking to a schedule.

Does she seem physically capable of handling the job? Did she huff and puff after walking the flight of stairs to the nursery? If so, consider how she’ll do on the four-block walk to the park each day — or whether she’ll be up to chasing after a toddler once your baby grows into one.


References. Part of Nannies Who Care service to our family clients is to provide reference letters. When we match a nanny to a family, we will send a nanny profile that contains her references and profile photo. This cuts out the time and frustration of trying to obtain the reference information and letters back from the various reference contacts provided.

Background check. Nannies Who Care prides itself on its reliability, quality of care, and ability to provide exceptional nannies. So, rather than using a standard database to conduct our background checks on our nannies, we utilize a premiere service.

To explain better, we asked Intellicorp to provide some details about the services they provide for us:

Our Criminal SuperSearch is a nationwide search of criminal records, including the District of Columbia. Each Criminal SuperSearch report contains a wealth of information, including felony and misdemeanor records, sex-offender records, inmate records, and arrest information. With over 3,100 counties nationwide, there is not one database available containing all the criminal information. Based on the social security number validation/7-10 year address history, we will be able to detect counties of prior residence for your applicants. If any of these counties are not currently up-to-date in our Criminal SuperSearch, our system will notify you and we will send a court runner to the county to make sure all possible records are uncovered.

In addition, Intellicorp is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

This is just one of the many ways Nannies Who Care strives toward providing a superior nanny service for you and your family.

Personal Service. Every nanny that is part of the Nannies Who Care database are personally interviewed by our staff. We pride ourselves on personally meeting all of our nannies. For those nannies that are located outside of our area, we schedule Skype or FaceTime interviews. We want to meet the nannies we work with and establish personal relationships before we send them out to meet with our families. We know this sets Nannies Who Care apart from the other nanny services and online databases.


Once you have obtained all the documentation from Nannies Who Care and have had ample time to interview the various nanny candidates Nannies Who Care provides, it is now time to choose the nanny that best matches you and your family’s needs. Once you have decided on the nanny, contact her and offer her the job.

After you have hired your nanny, Nannies Who Care can provide a few companies that offer tax and payroll services to assist you with payroll and taxes for your newest employee and hopefully extended family member, your nanny!


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