Halloween Treats…Naughty or Nice?

Halloween is fast approaching and many of you…you know who you are…are stressing out about what to buy to hand out to the adorable little faces that grace your doorstep this year. Not sure if you know it or not, but this year, the much-anticipated sugar-laden, spooky night falls on a Monday. (Do you hear the sobbing children?) Yup. A school night. As if it isn’t hard enough to fit knocking door to door to, let’s face it, beg for candy (or as my adorable niece calls it, “knock knock get candy”), this year you have to make sure the melt-downsweet little angels get some junk but no too much they can’t unwind and go to sleep. I honestly feel sorry for all the teachers, nannies, babysitters, daycare workers, stay-at-home folks and others who care for children on November 1. This year I would imagine most kids are going to be a bit weary and probably not at their personal best.

Might I perhaps make a suggestion…to you know, avoid this tragedy. I thought you’d be OK with that, given you may be the poor bloke left to handle one of these wild children on Tuesday. I suggest parents, neighbors, business owners, and whoever else may be participating in the giving of treats this year, let’s ban together and provide ALTERNATIVE choices than the chemical-laden, processed treats.

Not only are these things unhealthy, many children have intolerances, dietary restrictions, and many other concerns when it comes to consumption of the sugary temptations.

So, here is my suggestion, challenge…call it what you want. Here IT is. Let’s buy either healthy snacks or non-edible items to provide to the sweet babes on this much anticipated night.

I think, if just a few of us do this, maybe, just maybe, others will join. Who knows. Perchance in a few years there will be very little JUNK FOOD items and a lot more suitable choices.

There are several options for you to provide this year that will fit into this wonderful new category…NON-JUNK FOOD items.



  • organic fruit in bags, like apple slices (prepackaged…nothing done at home)
  • veggies in bags, like baby carrots (prepackaged ONLY)
  • prepackaged, individual packets of raisins or other dried fruits (not gummy snacks – they are full of sugar)
  • organic juice boxes or pouches
  • organic apple sauce snack packs
  • real-fruit strips and rolls
  • whole food bars such a LARABAR minis
  • Bare Fruit trial size packs
  • raw or roasted nuts (ask parents before giving out nuts due to allergies)
  • trial-size packs of dried veggie chips
  • organic granola/breakfast bars
  • organic, gluten-free treat-sized crispy rice bars
  • trial/snack-sized bags of organic cookies, crackers, or popcorn



  • Halloween-themed toys like fang whistles, monster finger puppets, etc.
  • plastic jewelry—glow-in-the-dark preferred. Since they’re only supposed to last a day or two you don’t feel bad when you chuck them.
  • Halloween-themed temporary tattoos
  • bubbles
  • chalk
  • small containers of Play-Doh
  • Cash! A bag of pennies, nickles, dimes, or quarters, or $1 bills.
  • slime in a jar
  • Halloween-themed pencils
  • little crayon boxes
  • Halloween-themed stickers
  • Halloween-themed notepads
  • Halloween-themed erasers
  • bendable critters
  • take-home craft project
  • squeaky toys/rubber duckies

You get the jest here. There are SO many options you can choose from aside from the regular sugar-shocking garbage that seems to be the go-to stuff for Halloween. Be part of the change. Encourage others to be part of it, too.

With all the health issues, intolerances, allergies, attentionary issues, etc. it appears as though the “typical” Halloween treats should be avoided. Stick to a healthy edible or non-edible option. The parents and childcare providers will appreciate it…BIG TIME!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We hope you found it useful. If so, please feel free to share it. If not, share it anyway. LOL. JK…not K.

Thank you for stopping by. Come back again.

SherylSheryl Sheppard
Marketing & Placement Specialist
Nannies Who Care

Sheryl is a proud mother of two boys, both of which are soccer players (yup, a true soccer mom). She has been happily married for 16+ years. When Sheryl isn’t writing blog posts, scheduling nannies, or marketing for Nannies Who Care, she is either driving to some remote soccer field or packing healthy lunches.


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