I was visiting Clearwater Beach for a work function and utilized Nannies Who Care’s Hotel Sitting service. It was immensely helpful having someone watch our 4 month old son while we attended meetings, and company dinners. I had talked with the sitter about a week in advance of our stay, and filled her in on the particular habits and personality of our son, and I got to know her a bit as well. Once she arrived, I felt really comfortable leaving my son with her (which is always a little scary when you are leaving your little one with someone you haven’t met before), and she even brought age-appropriate toys, which our son absolutely loved playing with (and made packing for us a little simpler). The sitter was very sweet, punctual, and our son just loved interacting with her. She also washed all our bottles for us which was amazing since by the end of the day we were exhausted!


Michelle B.